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Our Blog - 2017

After three years at our current location on The Berry in Salcombe, we are looking to expand and move premises. We have had a fantastic three years here but partly due to our plans for expansion and partly due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond our control we are looking to move and are all looking forward to a new adventure elsewhere.


So where are we off to? Well, that’s where you may be able to help.


The Beauty Lounge Salcombe is moving, but where?

Too early to think about waxing, right? Wrong!

Okay, it’s the end of January which means we are officially counting down to summer. Think sunshine, the beach and cool cocktails. This also means it’s nearly bikini season (nooooo we hear you cry!) but this isn’t as scary as it sounds if you start prepping now. There is no better feeling than having hair free, smooth skin and regular waxing is the only way to achieve this.

Whether you are experienced in the treatment, or are considering having a wax for the first time, we have created this handy guide to make sure your experience is the best possible.