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Our Blog - 2019

The Salcombe Beauty Lounge is Moving

After three years at our current location on The Berry in Salcombe, we are looking to expand and move premises. We have had a fantastic three years here but partly due to our plans for expansion and partly due to some unforeseen circumstances beyond our control we are looking to move and are all looking forward to a new adventure elsewhere.


So where are we off to? Well, that’s where you may be able to help.


The Beauty Lounge Salcombe is moving, but where?

Too early to think about waxing, right? Wrong!

Too early to think about waxing, right? Wrong!

Okay, it’s the end of January which means we are officially counting down to summer. Think sunshine, the beach and cool cocktails. This also means it’s nearly bikini season (nooooo we hear you cry!) but this isn’t as scary as it sounds if you start prepping now. There is no better feeling than having hair free, smooth skin and regular waxing is the only way to achieve this.

Whether you are experienced in the treatment, or are considering having a wax for the first time, we have created this handy guide to make sure your experience is the best possible.


The latest treatment offering here at The Beauty Lounge is Bridal and Bridal party make up! This is a new service for us, but our lovely therapist Chantal, has been doing Bridal make up for a long time and is extremely talented at it (see below for pictures of weddings Chantal has already done the make up for).

At The Beauty Lounge, we believe that make-up should be kind to your skin, mineral based, but still remain flawless all day. We use Jane Iredale 100% mineral make-up, which is gentle on your skin and has a minimal allergy risk.


Bespoke Wedding Packages now available at The Beauty Lounge Salcombe

Bespoke Wedding Packages now available

It has been wonderful to see so many new laws and eco-friendly initiatives being presented to the government in recent times. We have always made a real conscious effort at The Beauty Lounge to be as mindful as possible about our Carbon Footprint and every day we get closer and closer to achieving our goal of being an eco-friendly Salon.

We wanted to share with you just some of the ways we do this and always welcome any tips you might have for us for striving to achieve our goal.


Our Journey to becoming an eco-friendly salon

Bespoke Wedding Packages now available

Treatment Vouchers

Why not treat your loved one to a massage, facial or a manicure? We think the gift of some timeout and relaxation is priceless!

We have gift vouchers available to suit all budgets, they can be personalised and arrive in a nice envelope.

Nail Polishes

We have a stunning range of Zoya nail polishes in beautiful shades, these fab polishes are 100% vegan and make a fabulous stocking filler.

Jane Iredale Make-Up

Know someone who’s makeup obsessed? Introduce them to Jane Iredale 100% mineral makeup…we stock the full range of lipsticks, eye shadows, foundations and powders.


The Beauty Lounge Salcombe Gift Guide

Okay, although hard to hear, let’s start with the facts.

Skin cancer is the UK’s most common and fastest rising cancer. Melanoma, the deadliest form of the disease, is now one of the biggest cancer killers in 15-34 year olds and experts estimate that by 2024, Melanoma will become one of the most common forms of all major cancers (source: Scary, right?!

The thing is, with early detection of signs and symptoms over 86% of cases are preventable! This is why it was so important to us at The Beauty Lounge to take the Masced course so while looking after our clients skin we can detect early signs. Facials and skincare are not just about looking and feeling great – they are also about looking after our biggest organ!


Keeping Your Skin Safe in the Sun

If not, now is the time to start your journey to feeling and looking amazing, from the inside out.

The ANP is a range specifically formulated on scientific research that features quality ingredients which feed your skin from within.

There range focuses on skincare, health, vitality, and anti-ageing as well as weight loss, food intolerance, digestion, bone and joint support.


Have you heard about

The Advanced Nutrition Programme?